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【Product Information】
⊙Section bar welds frame,with 800 kg max loading;⊙The inner part gearing space is biggest;⊙Elegance look,profound technical,precise dimension,with modern taet,add value to your projects;⊙High-density vented Front/back door ,so Can solve the machine protection,airiness spread hot,exterior observe the machine circulates appearance as three aspects of used request;⊙Easy to fix concentrated distribution unit into frame;⊙High grade knob and lock;⊙Complete optional parts.
【Product characteristic】
△Exquisite design with prcision dimensions and craftsmanship △Color:Computer gray or black△Arc vented front/rear doors enable ventilalled operation △Swiveling wheels and legs can be jointly installed to withstand up to 800kg maximum carrying capacity and 350kg mobile carrying capacity △Several lockable wining holes on top/bottom,size of the large hole at the bottom adjustable △Easy-to-disassemble front/rear/left/right doors enable convenient operation from any side of the cabinet △Optional installation of base enables the cabinet to stay in a fixed position whilemeeting requirements of under-base wiring/ventilationt △Linkage cabinet,full series of optional accessories △Perforated plates glass front door for multi purposes
Material:SPCC quality cold rolled steel
Thickness:square hole strips 2.0mm,others 1.2mm
Surface finish:degrease,acid pickling,rust prevention and parkerizing,pure water cleaning,static electricity plastic painting