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⊙GY/T 135-1998
⊙Intemal conductor:O.F.C bare copper dia.1.00mm
⊙Insulation:foamed PEdia:4.80mm
⊙Outer conductor(shield):
(a)Aluminum Mylar
(b)Braiding tinned copper wire or aluminum-magnesium alloy wire
(c)Aluminum Mylar shield
(d)Braiding tinned copper wire or Aluminum-magnesium alloy wire
⊙Jacket:white PVC
(a)Suitable for household intellectual application
(b)Used in CATV/MATV system and characterized by low loss of signal
(c)Meets the need to access Intemet via close-circuit TV
(d)Used for connecting,antenna socket,modem,set top box(STB),TV,PC
(e)There are two cables used for connecting WBN(wide band net) and DSS (digital satellite system)
(f)Convenient for the wiring of projects,users cna use both for simultaneous transmittance,or use one of them and leave the other for as standby cable